APR Tuned Audi S5 – F16 Fighter

Product Film / Viral Film

The first test of the new “APR fighter” by the H.A.F. pilots was successful!

This is an amazing, unique and challenging production of APR Greece in association with Hellenic Air Force.
With countless obstacles in our path, from high temperatures (it was filmed in June so it’s hot in Greece) to tough filming conditions on location (once it took place in a full duty military airport and it was tightly scheduled) we achieved to produce this epic footage where the two worlds meeting each other, then a flat out run to nearly 300 kilometers (about 188mph) in the S5.

Director/Cinematographer: Steve Ketner
Co-Director: Menelaos Pab
Camera/DoP assistant: Theodore Tzartos

Client: APR Greece. (facebook.com/APR.Greece)

Also glad to be featured in Vonssen Wheels οfficial website.

Music by Kled Mone


Photo by Theodore Tzartos