Breathe - Aristoteli Bitsiani

Product Film

They told me that the photo campaign for this season collection was going to be underwater. There wasn’t any specific idea about the video clip so the company left me with the decision to do whatever Ι wanted to, once the already trust me from previous projects.

I told them I was going underwater too and while I had the freedom to create a feeling I came up with the idea of and old opera song I used to hear combined with black and white image style.
I had read some very good reviews of the GoPro 3+ action camera and there were also some underwater videos out there where the quality especially in 2.7K was decent so I took the chance and decided to shoot in with a GoPro 3+ Black edition mounted on a rig rather than a DSLR.
Finally both me and my client were satisfied with the final result.

Music: Luciano Pavarotti – E Il Sol Dell’anima

Date of production: 10/3/2015