Erimos - Aristoteli Bitsiani

Product Film / Viral Film

A short film created for the menswear fashion brand, ARISTOTELI BITSIANI presenting Spring/Summer collection 2016.

This film was shot in Lemnos, Greece and specifically on a north spot of the island called “Ammothines”, which is a unique natural desert in Greece and from what locals support it is considered to be the only one desert in Europe.

The whole project started as a joke! ARISTOTELI BITSIANI is a fashion brand which pushes the boundaries by searching new and prototype ideas for their campaigns.

So one of the ideas on the table was that there is this kind of terrain in Greece and maybe we can shoot something cool there like putting 2 guys in a suit and in case of snowboarding they would try sandboarding!

It was really tough especially because of the hot weather conditions and this kind of terrain but it came out really good and everyone is happy with the result finally.

Directed & edited: Steve Ketner
Camera Assistant / Drone Operator: Giannis Loizou
Models: Dimitris Hatzifotinos, Prodromos Farmakis
MUA: Apostolos Marinopoulos

Date of production: 5/5/2016

Warning: This video features stunts performed by professional athletes. Do not attempt to recreate or reenact any of the activities performed.

*ERIMOΣ comes out of the Greek word “ΕΡΗΜΟΣ” which is translated in English as desert.